February 19th - April 2nd, 2016


Featuring Artists

Caitlin Horsmon (KC)
Annie Woodfill (KC)
Brook Hsu (New Haven CT)

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Inherent to contemporary art today are forms of practice that work between many iterations of image making, including painting, film, video and performance. This exhibition examines the work of three artists that place their subjects within this history through political, bodily and collective forms of practice.

Where do we place work by its medium? What is the image within contemporary practice and how does it function within three dimensions, video or installation? SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF works within and against this history through artists that function in-between and along the lines of this lineage.

The corresponding billboard by Mariah Randell for SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF responds to the body, a common denominator between the works of Horsmon, Hsu and Woodfill.  Randell states, 

You see a blue sky and that dictates the day. You see another blue sky, but, is it bluer? Can you tell? You can only compare it to the image of the blue sky from previous experience, the memory of the blue from Tuesday vs. the blue from Friday. The blue sky becomes something that stops the body, as remembering the experience becomes a task and a challenge to remind yourself that you have the choice to compare every blue, the temperature of every wind, and that each time it changes and you are experiencing something utterly new. Isn’t that exciting? 



Brook Hsu
The Grass Land
Single Channel Digital Video
Dimensions Variable

Caitlin Horsmon
Working Distance
Palate, Found Materials (traffic cone), Beeswax, Muslin, Video
38” x 16” x 40”

Annie Woodfill
Found Materials
Dimensions Variable