One Struggle KC

One Struggle KC is a coalition of community activists seeking to harness the energy of Ferguson, Missouri in an effort to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally and globally. 

The time for division among those communities and peoples who share a common struggle is over. According to a recent study, in 2012, at least 313 black Americans were extrajudicially killed by police officers, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes. The Brookings Institute released a study this year that found white people are more likely to deal drugs, but black people are more likely to get arrested for it. Right now, migrant families are being torn apart due to inhumane immigration policies enacted by the U.S. Government. The current U.S. administration has deported more people than any other administration in the history of the United States. Families are fleeing Central American countries due to violence stemming from decades of destabilization of governments by the United States. In Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico, 43 students are missing while the Mexican government turns a blind eye. The Palestinian people are facing genocide, in which the West is complicit. “Occupy Central” protesters in Hong Kong are in the streets demanding full Democracy from the government.

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