Mariah Randell

Mariah Randell (b. 1993 in St. Peters, Missouri) is an artist currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. Her life is abundantly Midwestern, and her most recent work is heavily influenced by travel, excitement about the new, and the translation of experience from one material to another.  Mariah graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a degree in Painting and Art History.  She is currently interning at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in their Education Department and is also in the midst of upgrading her camping gear for an upcoming trip.


You can see more of what Mariah does at

1.  Andrew Bird - Echolocations

2.  Translation - Radiolab

3.  "The Production of Reality: Conversation between Olafur Eliasson and Florian Sauter," from the anthology, "Architectural Papers III: Natural Metaphor," edited by Florian Sauter and published by Actar, 2007