Kristin Walsh

Photo Courtesy of the Artist 

Photo Courtesy of the Artist 

Kristin Walsh is a twenty-six year old sculptor living in New York, NY and attending Columbia University as a Masters of Fine Arts candidate in Sculpture and New Genres.  Since completing her Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture and Fibers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2013, Walsh has exhibited works in nine states and has been invited to attend three residencies on full fellowship.

Walsh's work lies in the intersection of image and object.  Each object aims to function as an image machine, performing the role of both a void and a screen, generating changing images and working as a constellation of points of resistance to experience.  

The installation of works exhibited at 50/50 presents a spectrum of components from natural to prefabricated.  These objects serve as triggers, creating linkages and aporias between objects, landscape, physical and immaterial space, ultimately refusing the distinction between them. Cohost marks Walsh's third solo exhibition in a calendar year.  

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